Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Don't bother me, I'm training!


For those of you who don't know (or just don't want to go read about it somewhere) the Yellow Dog Project is something I discovered recently. It is when you tie a yellow ribbon to your dog's harness, collar, or leash to show that your dog is a "yellow dog." A yellow dog basically means that your dog needs space and not to pet it. It doesn't mean your dog is aggressive. It could mean your dog is in training, is a working dog, in old or ill, is recovering from something, doesn't like other dogs, etc.

So today I tied a yellow ribbon to Jada's harness to show that she is a "DINOS" (Dog In Need Of Space). I am working on training Jada in general leash manners, but also working with her on her reactivity. I don't want people just coming up and petting her, or sending their dogs to her. If they ask and they don't have a dog, I might say yes. Otherwise, I will explain what the yellow ribbon means- My dog is in training right now and shouldn't be disturbed or distracted.

Here's a picture of Jada on our very hot walk this afternoon (it was a very short walk because of the heat...and no one was out and about!)

Jada with her bandanna

Anyway, it was too hot to take Sasha out (she gets tired easily in the heat) so I just took the little one :)

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